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tv   CBS 5 Eyewitness News at 530PM  CBS  August 15, 2010 4:30pm-5:00pm PST

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race that turned deadly when a stunt went out of control. lots of sales. but are they attracting shoppers? a look at what folks are buying... in the hool rush. lots of sales, but are they attracting shoppers? a look at what folks are buying in the back-to-school rush. and it wasn't the wild of africa. the big game roundup in a northern california suburb. good evening, i'm julie watts. the news starts now. eight people are dead and 12 others are injured, after a truck ran into a crowd in the desert. that's where truck navigated hills to do air pin turns at air speed. as they explain, they are now called for stricter safety measures. >> reporter: video captured
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saturday night shows the offroad truck race before and after sailing over a jump and creaming into a truck. >> as soon as he jumped over, you just instantly saw the truck roll and roll over people and it was just happening too quickly to say anything. but you just see the truck roll over everybody. >> reporter: the graphic video shows the chaotic scene. their body scouring around the truck. emergency vehicles lit up the desert sky. it took helicopters, ambulances, and police more than half an hour to reach the remote location of the race. at least eight people were killed, a dozen others injured, including mark clark, who dislocated his elbow. you're just confused. >> and that is just a tragic. >> reporter: the accident happened in the very beginning of the 200 mile race which offroad vehicles take jumps at speeds up to 80 miles an hour.
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this is the race course right here. which there are no barriers set up. that is often the case. some say that needs to change. >> there needs to be safety barriers to make sure that the precaution is taken. >> reporter: the driver of the truck was not hurt. a highway police officer said he was forced to run from the accident because the crowd was so angry. cbs news. more than 40 people are homeless tonight. facing yesterday's three-alarm fire in san francisco' mission district. the fire broke out around 6:00 yesterday evening in a single- family home behind valencia. first, the house next door, then the three-story building. pocket camera video shows thick smoke over the neighborhood. >> the risk is that it's spreading into this apartment building. we had two suspects calling the second rescue squad to search
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all the buildings to make sure that no one was in there. >> i'm glad that they got there when they did, because it was creeping up the walls and stuff. >> three fires were sent to the hospital for minor injuries. tonight, the red cross is helping 44 people burned out of their home. donations and fund raising elements are -- fundraising efforts are helping chase elementary. the school is destroyed by an arson fire last month. the donations are coming in from all over the country and school officials now say they no longer need supplies, but they are still in need of cash donations. the fire caused $10 million in damage. destroying 16 classrooms, a library, and several offices. and as kids head back to school this year, bay area parents can expect to spend hundreds of dollars on school supplies. that's a look at what some people are doing their homework before they hit the stores. linda yee gives us a lesson in
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back-to-school savings. >> reporter: it's a crash course in economics. a busying array of the back-to- school sales. is >> you have notebook paper, pencils. 34 pencils for like $2. pens, binders, just the basics. >> the basics. >> reporter: ranking up the second biggest spending consumer event behind christmas. stores who want to win the shoppers must have the biggest sales. because bargain-hunting families do their homework. >> you know, get all the sales, and finding out what is the best store to go t. >> reporter: target had a sale on their school supplies, like 99 cents, so that's good. walgreens is having a sale. so we will go to places like that. >> one cart of school supply adds up. >> parents say they are spending an average of $200 to $300 per child. and that is just for the basics. nothing extra. it's another $200 to $300
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counting clothing or electronics. according to the national retail federation. total spending on school-aged children is expected to top $21 billion this year. nancy alvarez is shopping for her younger sisters. it's harder for this time because her father is unemployeded. >> we're trying to do a budget. >> yes. >> a budget for us to find cheaper things. >> how easy is that? >> not really that hard if you know how to do it instead of going for the really expensive pens or for the things like that, you know? and it is not too hard to shop. >> reporter: schools are cutting back, forcing parents to buy what used to be supplies.
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>> yeah. >> reporter: linda yee cbs5. they asked shoppers to buy extra school supplies for needy kids. donors then filled the back of the police cruiser for pencils, and other donations, needed for the upcoming school supplies. last year, 230 students received backpacks. police are hoping for 300 this year. well, they broke loose, jumped a fence, causing a lot of excitement for sacramento county. but tonight, they report those two zebras, they are safe after that big game adventure. >> reporter: two zebras on the streets of car michael. both of them spooked by dogs and running free. >> you're a fire fight animal, so they flew where they are taking off everywhere. >> reporter: that they did. out of their pen and over the
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fence. >> probably about 20 miles an hour they could run. >> reporter: down residential streets, even bumping into cars. >> i think that they are reporting that some cars might have been hit or the zebras might have been running into them. i'm not sure. but nothing major. >> reporter: this one hiding out in a gated pool area, an apartment complex nearby. and another, found behind a business. >> the one that everyone was most concerned about, they are just superficial. and some miles after that out there. but no major injuries. >> reporter: amazingly, no one was hurt despite the chaos and the excitement when these guys, were spotted in the most unusual places. >> well, it does not happen every day as you could tell by the circus that went on last night. >> reporter: today, a lot quieter on this nine and a half acre ranch. >> reporter: the zebras were fed in water last night and rested and they are almost to their ranch in oregon. >> reporter: the two escapees and three others, they are now gone. all that's left at this ranch.
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some chicken, eight horses, dogs. and a memory of a pretty wild night. >> my dad got to miss his grandson's first birthday. so yeah, it was not exactly out there. taking the track out of oregon to get the wild animals back into the natural habitat. and the story though, ending on a happy note. >> they are actually very relieved. relieved that no one was injured, that the animals are fine. that is the response from the county and the parks and the recreation and the park ranger out here helping. so they are very relieved with all the collaboration. >> reporter: she also reports that the farm where the zebras were staying is one of the last operating farms in the sacramento suburbs of carmichael. well, there's something in the water and it's not oil. the gulf wildlife that put on a show for the first family today. and plans to build a mosque near ground zero, how the president's remarks are causing controversy.
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i'm meteorologist in the cbs5 weather center. still some fog at the coastline. we'll see your sunshine and the hot weather for the week ahead. we'll talk about that coming up. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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the first family wrapped up a weekend visit to the gulf coast this morning with the crews on st. andrew's bay near panama city, florida. that's where a dolphin put on a free show for the president. since he is there trying to promote tourism for the reason, following the devastating oil spill. the president promised the gulf residence to continue federal help with those environmental areas and the economic recovery. republicans are warning a political fallout, following the president's remarks last night in support of the new mosque near ground zero. they came in a white house dinner, marking the muslim holy month. and the express support of the right of the muslims to build a mosque on the private property, just blocks the side of the september 11 attacks. today, reaction on the talk show fell along the party
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lines. >> the mosque is an unfortunate situation for when we do have a right to practice our religion freely, wherever we choose. rights are not subject to the popular vote of the majority vote. >> and actually, the president might be right. but that this is an emotional issue and people who lost kids, brothers, sisters, fathers, what have you, do not want that mosque in new york. and it is going to be a big, big issue for the democrats across this country. >> reporter: today, president obama expanded on his remarks, saying he is not commenting on the wisdom of building the mosque, only the muslim's right to do so. the south bay muslim organizations, are spending the holy month doing outreach to the homeless. and today was dignity day, when volunteers had to have hot meals, canned goods, basic hygienes, and clothing to homeless and downtown san jose. that is a time of fast and prayer and contemplation. one muslim leader says it's a great time to think about neighbors who don't have enough to eat. tea party activists are
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take their support for arizona's tough new immigration law. directly to the border. they gathered for a rally today along the remote stretch in the mexican border. west of out here. now, the border, this border region is lost by a 15-foot tall steel post that went closely together to prevent people from crossing. tea party candidates are challenging john mccain, along with maricopa county sheriff. and it's back with a vengeance. why choking smog and smoke has returned to the coast. ,,,,
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4 days of high winds did provide in moscow, suffocated smog and smoke filled the air once again. four days of high winds did provide temporary relief for the russian capitol which has been choking on smoke burning all across russia. but now that the winds have died down, the deadly smoke has returned. the summer mortality rate if many moscow is almost doubling, fueled by toxic smoke with the fires and the three month heat wave. what a contrast between there and here. it seems like everywhere else, not only in the country, but in the world, they are dealing with the massive heat wave and we have cool temperatures. >> yes, we have cool temperatures, show in south america. you name it. we have hot weather everywhere you go. but folks here in the bay area, we're going to continue with that trough along the west coast. that means some cooler to the normal temperatures outside. let's get out there right now. not bad around the bay area. just cooler than normal all around town. sot temperatures are sliding down -- so the temperatures are sliding down just a little bit. but still a pleasant sunshine if many towards san jose, look
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pretty good there, off the coastline, where we're seeing things break off just a bit. it's been pretty gray for the beaches. a little more sunshine out towards the coast tomorrow if we're lucky. in the meantime though if you're headed out the door this evening, we still have plenty of clouds off the coastline and the cooler temperatures there and the breezes are burning pretty good. that fog beginning to enter the golden gate and the breezy condition. 60s and 70s. lots of 70s. pretty comfortable in many spots inland. by tomorrow afternoon, we're going to run the temperatures up the scale just a little bit more. almost 90s as you head well out here, 60s and 70s inside the bay and 50s and 60s out towards the immediate coastline. the patchy fog for the past month and a half and so that continues to do so. they will probably do for the next week. we'll see the much cooler weather as we head into the middle of the week. with that in mind, they enjoy the sunshine when we get it. 70s and 80s right now. they are inside the bay. and some cooler 50s out towards the coastline. it if you like the heat, you've
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got to head inland. almost 100 degrees there. 94 in sacramento. how about 104. tonight, if you would like to head out there as we look for tomorrow afternoon. and still, we've got the high pressure in detroit. sneaking in here for a day. one low that's going to kick in. that will build ever so slightly for monday. i think for tomorrow, probably some warmer temperatures, but it's not going to lasting long. again, that's sitting off the coastline, paying a visit to the bay area as we head into the middle of the week. that means the temperatures are going to drop right back down, well below the average for this time of the year. a little fog around the bay area, starting tomorrow morning. and well you've got that ridge building overhead. impressing that marine layer, more sunshine and the be temperatures, as a result, warmer in most spots, except out towards the coastline. partial clearing, more 50s and 60s here. 70s and some 80s showing up as you make your way inside the bay. upper 80s in places like this, getting close to 90 degrees. by tomorrow afternoon, it looks like the temperatures had be sliding up into the 50s and
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70s. then some 80s by tomorrow afternoon. next couple of days, i think well, we'll heat things up for at least one and then start to cool things down on tuesday as we head into the middle of the week. much cooler around the bay area. some places struggling to get 80 degrees, struggling towards the coastline. that's how we'll round out the end of the week, you'll see plenty of fog on the way. we're just seeing that again and again. >> had more of the same. >> exactly. an empty chair is on the set here today because dennis o'donnell is in indianapolis. >> that's right. we'll tell you why there should be some smiles in the san diego circle. did you see the incredible story that happened today in the final round of the pba championship -- pga championships? ,,,,,,,,
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and change in sense of taste. ask your doctor about lovaza, the prescription that starts in the sea. sweep the padres this weekend... but with 43-games remaining all with welcome back everybody -- welcome back everybody to our indianapolisaffiliate, where the 49ers will come up momentarily. but first, the giants, the lefty, as you may recall, guaranteed that the giants, they would sweep the padres.
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making it 4-0 padres. but he did his best to keep it close. a two-run blast. and he cuts the deficit to three. the ninth home run of the season for the red hot giants couch. and the problem is that lincecum could not get on track. he singles home another run, lincecum, giving up six runs and 3 2/3 now losing three straight starts. giants killer, puts the explanation points -- exclamation point for it. taking 3-2 to extend their lead to three and a half games. meanwhile, the a's are trying to avoid the sweep in minnesota. he was masterful. looking his best in the best, striking out for three of his five strikeouts on the day. and the a's got two runners in on in the 7th. but he grounds into the double play. that was it on the day for them who was pulled after throwing 106 pitches, despite not giving up a base hit. the to the arkansas bottom half
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of the -- the bottom half of the second, putting away the 3- 1 shot, breaking up the door for the ate spot. they lose 4-2. for the second straight year, tiger woods did not win a major at two under, he finished tied for 28th at the pga championship. the sacramento kid, the energy finals, the final round with the three-shot lead, but they quickly disappeared. double bogeying the first hole and the nightmare was just beginning. sacramento may issue some 81 drops all the way down to 18. and as many as six were within one shot of the lead down the stretch. he thinks the birdie on 17 to take the lead at 12 under. and he ran into some trouble on 18. after that shot right here. everyone in the gallery wanted to see where the second shot would end up, including martin and bubba watson who were only one shot back. they were there to see them still alive at that point after the great third shot, johnson had a chance to win, just
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misses, and we were headed for the three-way playoff. but upon review, it was determined that he made contact with them earlier on the 18th hole after two stroke penalties, dropping johnson to 900. he's out of the playoffs. and so three holes lathe, martin timer was the last man standing. the 25-year-old from germany holds off bubba watson for his first career major win. >> i don't know if i can describe it. you know, walking up there, you know, seeing the shot, that it never once crossed my mind that i was in the sand trap. it's very unfortunate. the only worse thing that could have happened is if i were to make that put on the road. >> let's turn to where we are here in indianapolis, the the 49ers, just the two-road victory all last season, trying to figure out how to do that, they made the strides today against the powerful indianapolis man. and when he retired, the rookie
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showed that he's the guy with a backup job. manning played two series and he was 8-10. 91 yards. he picked up 16 yards in the first quarter, leading to a seven-yard touchdown run. he barely makes it to this lawn and it was 10-0 colts. he was not as sharp for the late last quarter. he can't hold onto the fast ball, into the hand. powers return to 53 yards in the 39 territory. an interception, no touchdowns. second quarter, manning is out. and they deflected near the end zone, and reggie smith gets the intersection with nothing for the daylight ahead of him. smith eventually scores after a 91-yard return. he was for 64 yards and the 49ers picked him off three times, 10-7 the total. but san francisco rips off 34 straight. he scores in the fourth quarter to make it 34-10, for 100
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yards. 37-17 is the final. they spoke to kim coyle right after the game. >> i just wanted to show them, you know, that i would learn the plays. that i'm dedicated, willing to go out there and fight emmett smith. and that i want to be great. so you know, that's all i was after today. >> reporter: more time today on game day. kim coyle goes one-on-one with alex smith. 49ers win on the road. >> had thank you, dennis. we'll see you again at 6:30. when we come back at 6:30 with more news, the human toll of the destructive fire and the challenge of helping dozens who were burned out of their homes in the mission district. that's coming up in one half hour. right now, the cbs evening news. . we'll see you again here in just half an hour and again at 10:00 and 11:00. you can always find us on
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